Fault Finding in Laptops

Some common fault finding tips for laptops.

Heating problem in Laptops
Heating problem in laptops is due to dust deposits on the fins of the heat sink which stops the hot air to exhaust through the fins and make the heat sink cool and in turn making the CPU cool.
Servicing of laptops once a year is a must to avoid heating problem.
Doing it yourself : If you are technically sound with some previous experience, you can open the laptop from base unscrewing the screws. In some models you find a fan cover so you need to unscrew the cover. While unscrewing the laptop do not forget to remember the exact screw position. After opening the laptop you will see the fan and heatsink. Opening the screws of Fan & Heatsink, clear the paste on CPU. Apply the new paste ( Heat Sink compound ) on the heat sink where the CPU is to touch the heatsink. Clear the fins of the heatsink where the air passes to make the heat sink cool. Check the fan movement, it its heavy, put a drop of oil on the spindle of the fan so that it moves freely. Close the base of laptop with respective screws and check by booting.

Laptop shuts down automatically after 10 minutes to 15 minutes of running
Foremost check the working of fan in the laptop. If it is not working, replace the fan with a new one. Run the laptop for around 2 hours. Laptop should be ok now.

More fault finding ... coming soon
Laptop screen broken, DC Connector, Broken hinges and laptop body, Spillage of liquid, Keyboard and Mouse faults, Power comes and goes automatically, Dim screen, Speakers not working but sound comes in headphone.

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